Financial Planning Days

Provide free financial education and planning to residents of your city with the support of DollarWise and its partners.

DollarWise has teamed up with the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board), and the Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) to help mayors across the country organize full- or half-day events where their citizens can receive free, no-strings-attached, financial education and planning. In 2013, DollarWise helped to create financial planning events in 20 U.S. cities (see map above). This effort will unite the collective resources of DollarWise and our partners to assist those most in need of financial guidance. We will utilize a series of financial planning workshops in cities across the country with the support of the local financial planning community and embraced by the mayor and his/her staff.

The program is designed to benefit the underserved and those facing special life circumstances or crisis by empowering them with financial planning information to achieve their life goals. The model for Financial Planning Day has been developed to be easily replicable from city to city and developed as a keystone within local financial education programs.

The DollarWise Partners

Financial Planning Association: FPA has an extensive network of local chapters throughout the country and will tap into their vast resources to train and activate FPA members to join with mayors’ offices in organizing these financial education events. Members of the FPA local chapter will work with the mayor’s office to plan and promote the local event; technical assistance will be provided by staff of DollarWise, the national FPA, and CFP Board. Local FPA chapters will also be tasked with assembling an event team to run the program on the day of the event. FPA will also lend other resources to this effort and bring staff in as needed from all areas of the association including consumer outreach, communication, corporate, member services, and chapter relations.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards: CFP Board will provide participating cities and FPA chapters a detailed implementation toolkit containing comprehensive resources to guide you in organizing, promoting, and executing a successful event in your community. The toolkit and contains sample timelines, budgets, promotional and collateral materials, communications, and a variety of other customizable items. CFP Board will promote the program to all CFP® certificants in the U.S. and encourage their participation. Additionally, CFP Board will provide cobranded Web page content and will handle online consumer and volunteer registration for the events. CFP Board will also provide dedicated staff resources to assist the chapters and the cities with organizing and promoting local events.

Foundation for Financial Planning: The Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) helps people take control of their financial lives by connecting the financial planning community with people in need. They achieve this by supporting communities with pro bono financial advice and outreach activities.  The FFP provides the financial support to make Financial Planning Day possible, as it offer resources and staff in implementing each city's Financial Planning Day.

Local Roles and Responsibilities

City/mayor's office

  • Place: Provide or help secure a venue for the event; assist in providing materials necessary for the event, such as audio/visual equipment.
  • Publicity: Promote the event to the public using press conferences, press releases, and your network of contact with churches, CBOs, municipal agencies, and other local organizations.

Local FPA chapter

  • People: Recruit and prepare those who will staff the events and provide financial education and advice to the public.
  • Program: Working with the mayor’s office, plan the schedule for the event and provide the content used in educational seminars.

For more information on Financial Planning Days, visit the national Web site at